Maternity Photographer Riverview, FL

Ever buy something twice because you tried to go the cheap route and things didn't work out? 

I am on my FOURTH cordless vacuum cleaner, hope 4 is the charm. I tried to go the cheap route this time around, welp, it is not working out. I have yet to find a suction that comes close to touching that of our prior vacuum. Not only have I wasted a lot of time returning products, I also wasted money with restocking fees.

I had someone come to me recently because she had family portraits done and she hated them. They looked washed out, the clothes didn't match and the posing was terrible. Preparing for a portrait session is a LOT of work. Not only do you have to coordinate outfits for everyone you also have to spend time getting ready and then, of course, the actual session. 

This is why we do the following to make it easier for you:

1. We include hair and makeup for mom (some hair and makeup for kids and hubby if needed).

2. We schedule a styling consult to help you select your outfits.

3. We send a prep guide prior to your session to remind you to get that wax, manicure, etc... 

4. We greet you at your car to help carry things in and out.

5. We make sure you have refreshments (meals for longer sessions), available during your session, consult and reveal appts. 

6. We deliver and hang your portraits for you. 

7. We will soon be adding clothing pick up and steaming! Wooot!!

We mean it when we say we are a FULL-SERVICE luxury portrait studio. Yes, that means you will pay more but you will leave with gorgeous portraits, quality products and an awesome experience! 

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